All about Trim Trends Embellishments for Upholstery Window Treatments

In an age of increasing environmental awareness, resource conservation, and ever rising energy costs, why not accessorize your home with energy efficient window treatments and enjoy the multiple benefits of this responsible and conscientious option. Since windows account for approximately 30-50% of all heat loss or gain, taking advantage of the many more efficient choices will not only contribute to reduced home energy bills both in summer and winter, but will also assist in maintaining a more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature. next

Thermal curtains, cellular or solar shades, wood blinds, or shutters can help insulate your home in the winter, repel heat in the summer, reduce glare while working or watching TV, and protect against damaging ultra violet rays that can fade upholstery, furnishings, and flooring. And since energy efficient window treatments usually provide more complete coverage, you will also appreciate the extra bonus of their privacy, security, and sound-reducing benefits.

Room darkening and energy efficient window coverings were often avoided because they were heavy or bulky and, though they served an indisputable purpose, they offered very little style or character. However, amazing new technologies have found ways of creating energy conserving window treatments that are lighter, practical, stylish, and affordable.

Whether you want cozy comfort or modern pizzazz, classic durability or trendy flamboyance, room darkening for sleeping or sound deadening for studying, energy efficient window coverings are available in a variety of styles that will appeal to your pocketbook without compromising your decor. And making the switch to more efficient window treatments also benefits the environment, reducing the demand for energy and dramatically decreasing the by products created by heating and air conditioning. You can even appease your inner environmentalist by purchasing some of the many eco-friendly products made from recycled materials, chemical free ingredients, and long-life components; thus, reducing landfill waste.

While energy efficient window treatments are a wise choice for both the environmentally and financially conscious, not all products are created equal. New and improved technologies have increased our options and helped make practical choices more attractive; however, since a significant investment is usually required, it is important to make educated and well informed decisions.

With words like R-value, UV transmittance, shading coefficient, and solar reflectance, shopping for the energy efficient can become overwhelming, But don’t let that deter you. A little research and a few brief discussions with window treatment experts will assist you in making the best selection for your home.

Whether you go with simple and easy to clean shutters, elegant and fashionable curtains, or sleek and sophisticated blinds, energy efficient window treatments are both beautiful and manageable, allowing you to control everything from décor to indoor temperature to heating and air-conditioning costs.