Baldness Info

It’s important to have as much knowledge of male pattern baldness as possible, in order to understand it better, which in turn will help you make better decisions in terms of its treatment. It is estimated that close to 95% of all cases of hair loss can be categorized as male pattern baldness. By the age of 50, most males have experienced male pattern baldness or male pattern hair loss (MPHL). view publisher site Early identification of this problem will help you control it before you lose most of your hair.

Male pattern baldness

Typically, male pattern baldness is an inherited condition and either side of your family could be responsible for it. The primary reason behind male pattern baldness is a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This progressive condition begins with a receding hairline and also a balding at the crown. Many a times, hair loss on top of the head and the receding hair line occurs at the same time. The amount of hair loss suffered as a result of baldness differs from person to person. The result of a particular treatment option for baldness also differs from one person to another.

Treatment options

There is a range of male pattern baldness treatment options that you can use to manage your hair loss. Some of these treatment options like Propecia come highly regarded; they have undergone extensive clinical trials and therefore have proven results of efficacy. You can also choose from topical treatment options that are available in the form of lotions and shampoos. One such topical solution is Rogaine. Propecia, an oral tablet, offers a hair loss treatment solution in the form of a pill. You can only use it if you have been prescribed this medication by your doctor. You can also make your way to a hair restoration facility to get laser treatment to prevent hair loss. There are people who also choose to go for hair transplant surgeries in order to restore lost hair.

Propecia – Helping treat baldness the right way

Clinical studies have shown that Propecia is very effective when it comes to treating hair loss. This is a result of the action of its active ingredient, finasteride. Finasteride targets the primary factor responsible for baldness, dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It decreases the levels of DHT, interrupting the development of male pattern baldness. Propecia shows results in as little as three months. You need to take one Propecia tablet daily over a period of 1year to experience its benefits.

Buying Propecia

You will need a doctor’s prescription to buy Propecia. A doctor will only prescribe this medication if he/she thinks it best suits your needs and requirements and that it will work positively for you. The medication is easily available at online, as well as, traditional pharmacies. When it comes to popular drugs like Propecia, there are always people who will try to sell you a copy of the real drug. Such fake drugs are cheaper and many-a-times people are taken in by their affordability. Buy only genuine Propecia and experience the best results. Buying fake medications will only result in unnecessary health problems.