Biker Leather Chronicles

If you plan on riding a motorcycle or hanging out with the biker crew be sure you’re dressed for the part. Biker culture spans a wide variety of motorcycles, customs and traditions but one thing almost all bikers agree on is genuine leather apparel. You can learn more at look at this site

From jackets and vests to chaps, boots and gloves you can find authentic leather clothing on just about any serious rider. Not only does genuine black leather look tough it also provides an essential second layer of skin that protects riders from spills and slips that can cause mild to serious skin abrasions and rashes.

The first thing you’ll need is a genuine leather motorcycle jacket. This quintessential piece of biker apparel has been the defining fashion ever since Marlon Brando roared off the big screen in the hit film “The Wild Ones”. For years everyone from casual riders and biker fans to the Hells Angels and One Percenter’s have chosen the leather motorcycle jacket as their symbolic piece of clothing. Today the market is full of both men’s and women’s style motorcycle jackets in a variety of styles and colors.

Leather biker coats can be simple a simple zipper up model or a more chic design that features tassels and fringes. You can find great leather jackets in traditional black but also more daring colors including white and pink. Brown is typically reserved for what are called “bomber jackets” and though just as durable as motorcycle jackets the look isn’t the same and just can’ match the customary black.

If you live in a warm climate or just want to show off your arm ink leather biker vests are another top choice for genuine motorcycle apparel. Leather motorcycle vests are another piece of biker gear that often displays the gang or club a rider belongs to and in some groups a leather vest is presented to a pledge when he is initiated into the family. Made from genuine cowhide leather and available in several popular styles the black biker vest will make even a weekend cruiser look like a rebel outlaw.

Last but not least in the traditional biker wardrobe are the boots. Next to the jacket leather boots are the most important piece of motorcycle apparel you can own since your feet are closest to the road and the hot engine parts. A well made pair of genuine leather biker boots will not only keep your feet safe from road debris but also add a distinct look to your get up. Biker boots can be found in several popular styles including engineer boots, ankle length boots and lace up construction boots.