What Is A Medical Marijuana Recommendation

A medical marijuana recommendation doesn’t exist in a vacuum of any laws or regulations. Where medical marijuana is legal, physicians issue medical marijuana recommendations every day to medical patients in dire need. It is not an easy task for physicians to write a recommendation for this beneficial medication. Unlike a simple prescription, medical marijuana recommend is a personal statement from the physician that states their opinion that medical marijuana would benefit the patient. Although many individuals may view this as bias or medical favouritism, there is no law that states that a physician has to prescribe a particular drug for a patient. If you wish to learn more about this, visit St. Louis Medical Marijuana Recommendations

For some patients, deciding whether or not to pursue a medical marijuana recommendations comes down to finding another option for treatment. Whether it is an over-the-counter medication, an herbal remedy or other homeopathic remedies, it is the opinion of the primary care physician that the best course of action is to try another method of treatment. A referral to a specialist like a psychiatrist is not encouraged because most psychiatrists do not consider marijuana to be a substance that can be habit forming.

It is recommended that all persons applying for therapeutic cannabis submit to a complete physical and medical history survey to determine if they have a substance abuse problem, any underlying mental health conditions and the therapeutic effects that they think would be beneficial with the use of marijuana. Applicants are also instructed to disclose any prior drug or alcohol use that might have been diagnosed in the patient’s medical history, and any current prescriptions for medications such as tranquillizers or sedatives. All applicants are advised to seek the advice of their primary care physician before beginning a course of medicinal use.

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