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His wedding ring and her wedding ring can be a perfect way to show the world that both of you are a couple, not only are you married. It may be very special, or rather common, to fit wedding rings. New York Bride & Groom of Columbia is one of the authority sites on this topic. Here is your chance as a couple to start thinking. Any of these points you might want to consider: Why do matches match? Apart from finger size, some couples consider matching wedding rings to be similar. In order to preserve the proportions, other couples may wish to have the same ring, but made for the groom on a larger scale. Others may suggest a similar wedding ring if they are made of the same metal. Iron *. Are you both planning on two tons of yellow gold, or some sort of white gold like platinum or palladium? You may want to note any skin sensitivities, life style, activities, hobbies, and work prior to choosing your wedding ring metal. The type of watches you like and if there is an engagement ring to fit up will be other salient problems.

For those who like the look of platinum, but prefer a smaller price, palladium is becoming a common selection. Palladium, like silver, is naturally shiny and is therefore hypoallergenic. Two tone rings can overcome dilemmas quickly by attempting to complement other jewellery and personal taste. Maybe one of you wants a band of platinum and the other a band of yellow gold. It is possible to design wedding rings to look exactly the same, but with different metals. With one-offs. When worn as a pair, truly unique wedding rings will make a stand out selection. Custom jewellers specialise in the creation of individual pieces. Unique wedding rings allow couples with their wedding rings to be as imaginative and meaningful as they wish. Stones or no rocks, either. The days of only the bride getting stones in her wedding ring are gone. White diamonds and black diamonds for a more masculine feel are common choices for males. Maybe for him, black diamonds and for her, pink or yellow?