Features of the Carbon Air Purifier

Indoor air quality is essential for those who spend any amount of time in the space. People do not think much about the air they breathe, but air will store impurities if it is not ventilated and filtered. The body is invaded by these moulds, bacteria , viruses, gases, etc. The immune system is compromised and diseases arise when impure air is breathed for a long period of time. Those can be anything from chronic to cancer allergies. Air conditioning systems require an air philtre and good ventilation to eliminate pollutants from the air, often with a carbon philtre. Visit us on Pacific Coast Carbon LLC.

A carbon philtre has two main features that make it very useful in combination with a HEPA or similar air philtre that draws dust and other bigger pollutants into the air. First, activated carbon is charged positively, and attracts impurities that are charged negatively. Next, on a molecular basis, the carbon philtre is porous and can absorb pollutants. Although the HEPA philtre removes the larger particles, an air purifier that uses a carbon philtre can absorb and hold those impurities from the air.

The activated carbon air purifiers are of course also economical. Both they are cheap and long-lasting. Ventilation devices regulate the consistency of the environment, but as the philtres fill up, they reach a point where no more debris and contaminants can be absorbed. The carbon philtre then needs replacement.

The ventilation systems suck the air out of the rooms and then push the air filtering unit in. When the environment passes through the purification, the impurities are left behind and fresh , clean air pours out the other side and blows back into the building or home rooms. Since clean air and clear thinking go together, the workplace is more efficient, and everybody wants a home protected from contaminants.