HHO Gas Generator Install Explained

Lately all the hype about the usage of HHO gas to replace oil, along with high petrol costs, has many citizens asking what is all involved with an implementation of an HHO gas generator. As there are many different styles and plans available, this would be a very basic summary only so you can see how simple the typical HHO gas generator installation is. Most configurations include the same basic equipment that involves a water tank, some sort of electrolysis system, some electrical cable, and tubing that is used to channel the HHO gas from the HHO gas generator into the engine. The reservoir used often differs from design to design, and for all of the projects there really isn’t some single reservoir set-in-stone. Often simply using anything like a container of preserves to mount their HHO gas generator.Interested readers can find more information about them at Long Island Emergency Power .

The tank may be fitted with metal braces, brackets or even zip links. Whatever system you use, make sure that the bottom of the tank is protected and you don’t run into any issues. I made this error during my first deployment of the HHO gas generator and after around a week I had to remount the device.

You’ll want to push the tubing into the air intake hose after installing the reservoir. There are many options to achieve this as well as it can differ from design to design but that is a fairly simple aspect of the construction of the HHO gas generator which typically just requires cutting a tiny hole in stock or an aftermarket intake of air. If you ever need to uninstall the HHO gas generator, keep in mind that you can easily cover the opening.

All that remains to finish the construction of the HHO gas generator now is to wire the electrolysis device together. That’s fairly simple too, so you can pass the wiring a variety of directions. Some people connect it with a switch that is either under the hood or inside the car but my favorite way is to connect the device to the ignition control and the machine can immediately turn on while the engine starts. Through doing so, at any given moment you can always have enough amount of HHO gas so if you’re forgetful like me, you won’t have to think about having to turn it on.

If you’re not sure how to do it, or if this is your first installation of the HHO gas generator, I strongly recommend utilizing one of the several accessible guides that will teach you step-by-step how to construct and mount the HHO gas generator along with helpful pictures and diagrams.