Selecting a Pest Control Company

You may be considering hiring a commercial pest control company to deal with the issue if you have a problem with unwanted pests in your home, and you have exhausted all the self-help solutions you know. Hiring a specialist may be the best option for you but your homework needs to be completed. Synergy² offers excellent info on this.
How can you find an organization first? It could be a good start to review the yellow pages of the local phone book; it could also work to do a keyword search for your area on the Internet, and you have the added advantage of seeing what data the business has, on itself and on pest control in general. Ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues
After you have built a list of pest control firms, and before you call these businesses, start asking your friends and colleagues more questions. Have these firms been used by all of them? What background did they have? Did the business in question solve their problems with pest infestation? Have there been any issues working with the firm? Any home issues after the company offered its services?
When you have narrowed down your list to a few prospective suppliers, call them on the phone and ask a few more questions: does the business offer a free home appraisal and cost estimate? Does it offer you advice on what you can do for yourself to deal with the issue? Is the organization able to readily answer questions?
Questions to ask specifically: what kinds of chemicals are used? (Have written reports on the chemicals offered if possible.) What kinds of side effects or potential risks do these chemicals have on family members, adults and children, and on pets? During the pest control treatment, do your family and household pets need to vacate the premises?
Make sure you inquire if nontoxic, natural pest control is provided by the company. The organization should be willing to explore the alternatives at least; if its representative only opposes the idea of non-toxic pest control without addressing the pros and cons of the available natural solutions intelligently, but just wants to get into your house and spray, beware!