The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage is the process by which physical damage caused by a fire is repaired and restoration is done to the part of the house affected by the disaster. This process involves removing corrosion from furnishings and surfaces as well as odors produced by smoke and other by products. This type of fire damage restoration often includes restoring entire walls or rooms as well. Walls must be restored to their original condition, which may include repairing cracks or holes. For example, if a hole was made in a wall, restoring it may involve cutting out the hole and replacing the damaged part with new plaster.I strongly suggest you to visit can my home get mold to learn more about this.

Odor removal is another aspect involved in this type of fire damage restoration. This involves the removal of any residual odor and water content that remained after the fire. This is accomplished by using dehumidifiers, heaters, fans, and ventilation. Deodorizers may also be used, but should only be used until the debris has been completely cleaned up and any moisture content eliminated. If you are unsure of the smell’s presence before the cleanup process begins, you should consider adding a scentless citrus solvent to the water to help mask the odor.

Fire damage restoration requires patience and thorough cleaning and repair work. It will also require that you consult with your insurance company to determine the validity and cause of the loss. Professional cleaners and restorers are experienced at determining the cause of a loss and acting accordingly. In the case of structural damage, your insurance company will likely require that any structural lumber is taken off site for inspection and possible repair. This will also likely result in a charge for the damage restoration process.