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Although cosmetic surgeons are most commonly known for performing major and minor skin surgical procedures, they are not the only skilled and trained medical doctors to do so. This is especially important in terms of both skin care and skin-related illnesses. In fact, dermatologists, who occur to be skilled in both medical and surgical aspects, are equally, if not more eligible to perform cosmetic procedures related to your skin. Specifically, there are three cosmetic procedures which include technically dermatological therapies; cosmetic filler injections Business management papers, hair removal and laser therapy. Get additional info regarding Cosmetic Dermatology Association.

Cosmetic Dermatology Association

Nursing has many specialties as a medical profession and nursing dermatology is one of them. A dermatologist nurse plays a very important role in the lives of a lot of people who have a skin, hair, nail and scalp problem. Many patients typically seek care that has different skin disorders including warts, acne, skin cancer, herpes, and dermatitis.

A dermatology nurse is very critical in delivering medical treatment to patients when he or she works hand in hand with a dermatologist. Their advice to patients is important, as any inappropriate skin care can result in permanent skin damage, leaving some hideous marks or even leading to further infection.

Since dermatology nursing requires adequate skills, a good overall grade in high school as well as science topics such as biology, chemistry and physics must have been obtained. But this is not enough. One needs to obtain a four- or five-year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing or a two-year RN degree from a recognised college of Nursing.

To complete these degrees, one would have taken courses covering microbiology, anatomy, human growth, psychology, pharmacology and general nursing as well. A supervised internship must be completed which is very necessary since it offers a person first-hand experience in dealing with dermatological cases.

To become a dermatology nurse a local or national examination will be required. For example, in the United States one has to sit on the National Council Licensure Review to get licenced. The goal for the examiners to sit for this exam is to check if one possesses the skills required in providing successful as well as healthy nursing care.