Unaka Forest Products-In A View

Furniture made from pine, cherry, maple, oak and walnut are just a few of the most popular wooden furniture types that we see. But there’s another type of wood that raises eyebrows all over the place and finds a wide range of applications, the reclaimed wood. Unaka Forest Products is one of the authority sites on this topic. Reclaimed wood is the processed lumber that is obtained by making reusable wood the lumber used in old homes, furniture, barns, wine barrels and warehouses. While buying furniture made from reused lumber, there are a lot of factors to consider. Read on for details.

What’s so special about furniture reclaimed from wood?

  • The fact that they give a rare, rustic look is one of the key reasons for using reclaimed wood for making furniture. These days, rustic themes are very common and reclaimed lumber give what is intended with their worn out looks, shaded colors and subtle imperfections.
  • Reused lumber was cut from past trees which grew when external factors such as pollution and toxicity did not affect the wood ‘s strength. Therefore reclaimed wood is very powerful.
  • Furthermore, reused wood has been exposed to many changes in temperature and humidity over the years, and is therefore not so easily prone to damage due to expansion and contraction.
  • Reclaimed timber is also a expensive thing, regardless of its age and validity. You can always buy reclaimed wood furniture at reasonable rates, and rely on their high investment return. The better the older the better.

How to buy recycled furniture made of wood?

Follow the steps below to find the fine, quality wooden furniture that has been reused.

  1. Buying a recycled wooden furniture is useless if it doesn’t promise a good ROI. You ‘d need a certificate of authenticity from the seller selling you the furniture to enjoy the benefits of its unique past and authenticity.
  2. If you already own the lumber and need only carpentry assistance, ask if the vendor of the furniture is ready to work on the material you supply. Also ask if he takes custom orders to do the design and style of the furniture you have in mind.
  3. Reused wood will have a few gaps or losses which will have to be repaired. Ensure that these holes are only covered with quality epoxies and not some cheap wood fills or wax crayons.
  4. Finishing the reclaimed wooden furniture for its look and authenticity is quite important. Make sure the vendor uses durable, wipe on finish that finishes the wood from inside out and not some cheap wax finish that causes white marks and becomes sticky during the summertime.
  5. Finally , ask about the experience of the furniture maker in making furniture from reclaimed lumber and compare the rates to two or more vendors in order to get a good deal.