A Closer Look Into Insurance Claim

Many homeowners are looking to see how to effectively lodge an insurance claim. Many property owners plan to lodge an insurance claim with minimal hassle. Okay, to that end , it is important for everyone to be sure that they comply with authority (Police, Fire, Emergency Services, etc.) and that they obey all the rules and instructions given. Your main objective in emergency situations must be the health of you and your relatives, but this does not guarantee that the insurance claim will be postponed. You will file the Insurance Claim as quickly as possible, read the full info here.

Emergency situations such as tornadoes , hurricanes and claims of fire damage are causing insurance companies to cringe. Why? For what? Because when using the word “emergency” and “insured loss” in the same sentence, it usually means that they will spend money. Additionally, they will need to hire additional policy adjusters to process cases and clarify whether insurance claims can be made to homeowners.

When was the last time a quick or inexpensive fix was “smoke billowing out of your car’s hood?” In my situation that would never be the case. Not often emergencies occur but they are usually expensive when they do. Emergencies make us all uncomfortable, because these are periods when we need to increase our costs in order to cover the unexpected scenario.

I want you to focus for a second on a tornado disaster like Christmas (in July). This sounds stupid, but picture the Insurance Agency as ‘Mom and Dad’ and the landlord as ‘The Children.’ If you’re having a hard time with this scenario, just picture 8 kids going to a nice private school, and 2 kids, Mike and Missy, heading to an alternative art school and being enrolled in the extra credit finance program. They did a research paper on “How to Make an Insurance Claim” last semester and they won extra time to sculpt, which is their real passion.

So it’s May 29th and Mom and Dad (the Insurance Company) are beginning to think of seasoning. We realize it’s all around the corner and want to make sure that everybody knows they’ve been treated fairly on Christmas morning, including Mike and Missy (who promised to go to the Art School would qualify as all the Birthday and Christmas gifts for the year.) And they start talking about the Christmas prediction so they agree it should be a peaceful season, everyone’s hopes are in accordance for what they want … They relax with a good, lean budget in mind and are looking forward to a mellow and happy summer with the family.

Mom and dad work for a big financial firm and for them June is a busy month. They are unable to find time to go shopping for the kids, as they deal with closing the books. Mom worked on a new best selling “How to Make a Funny Folks Insurance Claim.” As the end of June arrives, they look forward to July and realize they’ll find time to get all the kids shop done.

June is over, and here is July. It’s not just July in reality, it’s July 10th and our Tornado Warning has struck. Mom and Dad (Insurance Companies) are scrambling to figure out what’s on the Holiday Wish List of all (what penalties is done) and to resolve (claims) what can be quickly settled.

Time is ticking, so mom runs out to the store searching for Joe’s hockey stick. It’s inexpensive, it’s going to make him happier, and it’s the only thing he wanted so she decided she ‘d start out there and get it out of the way quickly. She calls Dad while at the store, and proclaims that she has worked out presents for 5 of the babies.

When she buys such presents, their expense will be surpassed. The drawback is that they’re going to have 6 babies squared away and only 4 more to pay for. Dad asks “Which kids? Who are the presents for?” Mom goes through the list fast “Missy, Jimmy, Joe, Joan, and Mark.” Dad is worried about spending so much on Missy and Mark because the other kids may feel jilted. He realizes they ‘re paying double the “Art College” cost and that’s a big drain on the family account, so he agrees OK.

Mom buys the gifts, and knows that the kids are going to be happy.

As she is strolling through the mall, Karin her youngest, calls and proclaims that a famous rock star will be coming to town next month. (Note: Karin also knows how to file insurance claims) The local radio station is giving away tickets to callers every hour. Karin and her friend are wondering when she will be home so they can use her phone. Mom says about an hour and they end their call.