G&S DUI Attorneys at Law-Brief Notes

If you’ve decided to seek the counsel of an experienced DUI attorney, congratulations on making the choice to pursue DUI defense. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of DUI attorneys that are available today. But this is a good thing! Unfortunately, it often leaves many people feeling overwhelmed because they aren’t sure who to turn to for help with their DUI case. In this article, I’ll give you an overview of the services a DUI attorney can provide for you as well as some guidelines to consider before hiring one. Visit G&S DUI Attorneys at Law.

The purpose of this article is to inform you of the services of an experienced DUI attorney can provide for you and explain why it’s in your best interest to hire one. First, let me tell you why it’s in your best interest to hire a DUI attorney. A DUI attorney can effectively negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution if you’re charged with a first-time DUI offense. The reason is simple: The criminal defense attorney will know exactly what kind of plea bargain to make and won’t try to convince the prosecution to come down on charges of DUI. And if he manages to get the judge to sentence you to community service or probation instead of jail, you’ll have the added benefit of a DUI record immediately removed from your driving record.

Now let me tell you how DUI attorneys can help you. DUI attorneys can also negotiate with the prosecution for a reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. For example, he may be able to eliminate your conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) from your record if you agree to a DUI school and take a drug test. Or if your case is dismissed due to a technicality, a good DUI attorney may be able to negotiate a deferred adjudication, allowing you to avoid serving time in jail. DUI attorneys can also make sure that if you’ve been arrested because of OVI, you get the minimum sentence by working out the best plea bargain you can.