Learn About Tummy Tucks and How They Work

In order to further strengthen areas of their body, many individuals turn to plastic surgery. Statistics indicate that in 2008, more than 10 million individuals had some form of surgery or plastic surgery. Some of the most common plastic surgery procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks.Have a look at West Long Branch mommy makeover for more info on this.

In 2008 alone, over 290,000 tummy tucks were performed on men and women in the United States. A tummy tuck is a medical operation that can improve the shape of the body of a person, also known as abdominoplasty. Pregnancy and severe weight loss are the reasons many individuals want to perform this operation.

As well as tightening the muscles of the stomach during a tummy tuck, excess skin is removed. Sometimes, to provide extra contouring, a person may also have liposuction done. Before weight gain or pregnancy, an abdominoplasty will make the body look like it did.

Normally, a tummy tuck is done in one of two forms – mini or complete. For a person who has slight contour problems where there is a smaller amount of loose skin, the mini tuck is best. If the use of liposuction alone would not achieve the desired results, a mini tummy tuck is recommended.

A short incision which is u-shaped is made right above the pubic region during this type of abdominoplasty. The excess skin is removed after the incision is made. The muscles are finally tightened and the navel is located slightly down from where it was originally.

Since it offers further correction, the full procedure is more common than a mini tuck. Two incisions are created during a complete operation. One incision is cut just above the pubic region from the groin to the hip, and the second incision is cut to free the navel from the tissue. The abdominal wall skin is isolated as far up as the rib after the incisions are made and then raised so that the muscles can be revealed.

Muscles would then be tightened in place and sewn. Next, the skin is drawn back and the excess skin is removed from the abdomen. The navel is positioned and sutured back into shape. Normally, abdominoplasty takes anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. While performing this cosmetic procedure, a person is put under general anesthesia.