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We are constantly saddened by the behaviour of our fellow humans. Why can’t they see that lockdown is essentially intended to save their lives by forcing them to stay at home and break the infection chain outside? Why can’t they see that lockout is just intended to buy time to plan for the worst-case scenario if it occurs? However, this is not the case! They want all of their missed advantages and pleasures as soon as possible; they want to join their mates for everyday conversation; and they want their favourite meals, candy, and cakes at all costs.Learn more by visiting¬† Partida Corona Medical Center

They also threaten doctors, nurses, and law enforcement officers who are putting their life on the line to protect others. Except for the huge human tragedy affecting millions of stranded migrant workers in India, the large majority of these people are relatively well-off: they have homes, jobs, resources, and opportunities to work from home or engage in other creative activities. However, this is not the case! They keep buying necessities, even more than the necessities of life, only to have the opportunity to go out again and again. In India, widespread violations of social distancing and other norms have been recorded in various parts of the country. The killer virus may be hiding around the corner, waiting to take advantage of such human follies. However, we must maintain a good attitude and inspire as many others to do so as well. For all of us busy bees, quality family time is an asset to consider.

The virus’s unpredictability adds another stumbling block: it prevents our minds from moving on from their fascination with it and focusing on more constructive tasks. We continue to monitor the news and updates, as well as what experts have to say, and their global effects. We must, however, make every effort to divert our thoughts and remain hopeful. Morning and evening walks are also banned, so regular exercises and meditation sessions are important.