Reiki Therapy Should Make Your Cat Purr

Reiki is a type of energy therapy that originated in the East and has since gained acceptance in the West as a valid form of alternative medicine. While it is most widely associated with the treatment of humans, it is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment choice for pets, especially cats, who seem to be well-suited to this type of therapy. Our website provides info on Therapeutic Restoration Massage LLC – Aurora Therapeutic Massage
When asked, veterinarians, who are legally the first line of defence for injured pets, have been more likely to refer owners to reiki practitioners.
Cats are often groomed and have become used to and enjoy being touched; as a result, they are ideal for any therapy that requires the therapist to touch them physically. Many therapists would use a non-hands-on approach if your cat does not like being approached by strangers. The therapist will transfer reiki energy by placing their hands just above the necessary healing points. Reiki may also be provided from a distance, even if the therapist is not in the same room as the cat. This is especially beneficial for nervous cats who are afraid of strangers, as well as those who are elderly and frail.
Cats seem to enjoy the reiki treatment and appreciate the flow of healing energy they get, and they will respond positively to it.
They love the relaxed environment and are always treated while sitting in their owner’s lap.
Reiki for cats is a gentle, non-invasive, effective form of healing that can assist your pet in restoring balance, which can help to improve their immune system and give them the energy they need to recover from illness or surgery. It could simply be a soothing and calming experience. This can also benefit depressed or anxious animals, as well as animals with behavioural issues. The treatment of muscle aches and pains, back issues, and strains with Reiki is very effective. It can help your pet’s skin and hair by reducing tension, anxiety, and nervousness.
For most cats, a reiki session lasts about 30 minutes, although this may vary depending on the nature of the problem your cat is experiencing. Often, one treatment is sufficient, but additional treatments may be required; these will typically be shorter.
It’s important to note that in the United Kingdom, any injured animal must be taken to a vet, so any reiki practitioner dealing with animals will require a referral from a veterinary surgeon in order to legally treat your pet.