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The following article discusses the role of an Employment Law Solicitor, the nature of work they do and the conditions under which they are necessary. Visit JacksonWhite Law.

A History

The Work Law came into effect during the 19th Century industrial revolution in Britain. The emergence of industrialism meant that more and more workers were forced to work longer hours, which led to conflicts between workers in the factory and their employers. In order to protect the rights of employees and ensure that they were not abused, Regulations covering jobs were enforced as these conflicts often remained unresolved. As a consequence of these new rules, Employment Law Solicitors come into action to battle the case against employment cases passing through the courts for both employers and workers.

What is a law solicitor for employment law?

A legal practitioner who has been specifically qualified to deal with issues relating to the legal rights of employees and their employers is this form of solicitor.

What does a law solicitor for employment law do?

A attorney who specialises in jobs will usually be concerned with cases covering the following areas of labour law:

Job contracts – Employment laws specify that the rights and duties of employees should be specified in their contracts. This should provide specifics about what the usual duties of the employee would consist of, their pay entitlement, holiday entitlement, and the notice period needed. An effective counsel will be charged with resolving the case when there are conflicts over these problems.

Staff Handbooks – Employers also need to update staff handbooks as technologies or work processes change, or positions change within the business. An Employment Law Attorney should guarantee that it is lawful for all staff paperwork.

Business Policy-Companies must ensure that their policies on disabilities are up-to-date and that they are legal. Discriminating unintentionally against employees or prospective employees due to a badly written or obsolete policy is still discrimination and can be catastrophic for the company concerned.

Health and Safety – One of the greatest stresses on a modern workplace is health and safety. Employers have a duty, by statute, to ensure that their workers have a clean and safe workplace in which to operate. If this is not the case, then firms, as facilitated by an Employment Law Attorney, run the risk of legal action by workers.