Useful Tips to clean your Windows effectively

Cleaning windows is nobody’s favourite job to do, but it needs to be done from time to time by any homeowner. With the nice weather in our midst, there is no better time for your window cleaning to start very well. If you have the right resources and knowledge, this job does not have to be a challenging one. Your window cleaning routine will become simpler and more reliable with some of these helpful tips, meaning you do not have to clean them as often. Bear in mind, though, that cleaning them might not be enough if you have older windows that are in bad shape – you may have to consider having new replacement windows. Now read on to discover some useful tips for making the cleanest windows possible. I strongly suggest you to visit window washing Rose City California to learn more about this.

It’s all about timing: There is a very good time to clean your windows, whether you know it or not. No, it’s not the sunniest days of summer, but the grey, cloudy days where the sun is covered. On sunnier days, as you clean your windows, the sun will usually dry up your window cleaner before you have time to wash it off. As a result, the “clean” windows become streaky and spotty. But keep an eye out for the less-than-pleasant, cloudier days. After all, who wants to clean on a gorgeous, sunny day?

You need the right tools: you can clean your windows with several things, such as the paper towel roll, but there are also tools you can use to get the most efficient cleaning done. A squeegee, old cotton tees or rags, a newspaper, and your cleaning solution of choice are the easiest window cleaning methods to use. For certain hard-to-reach or wider window surfaces, a Squeegee can come in handy. Cotton tees or rags will polish the windows without leaving behind the lint or dirt that paper towels would, and newspaper will work its magic, which you will hear about in a later tip.

Your Buddy is Toothpaste: that’s right, toothpaste. Harsh winters and violent storms have taken their toll on ageing walls, and it’s beginning to show. Small marks on your windows will occur from time to time, and toothpaste can be used to remove them. Before you clean your window and watch the scratches vanish, all you have to do is polish the little scratched area with a bit of toothpaste.

Don’t be fooled by streaks: before you finish cleaning a window on both sides, we’ve all been fooled by this before, only to have streaks left over. You can’t say which side they are on, though, so you end up cleaning the whole window all over again. Ok, let’s stop it from moving on again. Wash one side of the window vertically, then wash the other side horizontally. This way, if streaks occur, you’ll be able to tell which side they belong to based on their running path. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be able to absolutely stop streaks.

Keep an eye out for drippings: When cleaning your windows, be careful not to let the cleaner spill down onto the window sill or frame. Most window cleaners will destroy the paint or finish on wooden frames. Clean the windows from the top down to keep this from happening. As you work your way down the window, this will help you to catch some cleaners.