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Although prenuptial arrangements used to be a contentious subject, they have grown in popularity in recent years. [Prenup Attorney in Scottsdale] has some nice tips on this. The irony is that about half of all partnerships end in divorce, so couples planning to marry can worry about how to support themselves in case things don’t work out. Prenuptial arrangements are becoming increasingly widespread, and as a result, they are seen as less adversarial and more cooperative. Prenuptial arrangements will be a good way for partners to prepare and manage their future, regardless of whether their union succeeds or fails.


Despite their growing success, the complexities of prenuptial arrangements remain a mystery. A prenuptial arrangement, for example, cannot “promote divorce.” In a court of law, such an arrangement will be considered unenforceable. Additionally, prenuptial provisions that specify the volume or level of potential child care will be considered unenforceable. A court would only look out for the children’s best interests, not what a couple may or may not have felt was appropriate when they married. If these items are written into a prenuptial agreement, they can render the whole prenuptial agreement unenforceable, which is another reason to deal with an experienced prenuptial agreement solicitor.

Asking your future partner to sign a prenuptial agreement can be difficult at times, and broaching the issue without offending your future spouse’s feelings can be difficult.

Instead of approaching the issue from the perspective that about 50% of partnerships result in divorce because you want to preserve your own personal interests if things don’t work out, we recommend taking a different path. Tell your partner that, as much as you value them, you want to be prepared in case anything goes wrong. A well-thought-out prenuptial arrangement will cover all of you: you can plan who gets the house, who gets what access to your savings plans, and so on, so that if things don’t work out in the future, you’ll have nothing to argue for. The divorce would not be as messy as though it were a nasty, public divorce; instead, it could be done privately and amicably thanks to the prenuptial arrangement.

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